The Value of Knowing your Worth

The concept of value and worth has been in my awareness lately as I’ve had many individuals use the term cheap in my presence. Sometimes, the term was directed towards me, and other times, it was simply overheard. As I’ve stated many times, I always trust that Spirit provides the perfect message at the perfect time via the perfect messenger. I also believe that every experience provides an opportunity to learn and to grow.

So, what does hearing this message mean for me? The word cheap has a connotation of its own. The definition of cheap is interesting as it can mean low in price and also worth more than its cost. Some synonyms of cheap include inexpensive, low-priced, economical, cut-rate, reduced, bargain, shoddy and inferior. Each word has its own energetic vibration and perception.

During a recent session, I channeled these words to the individual in response to their question: “Nothing is inconsequential. Everything is essential.” After initially speaking them, I restated them. Then, opted to write them down since I seldom recall what I channel. I wasn’t quite sure what inconsequential meant, so I later googled the definition, which indicated “not important or significant.” With that simple statement, Spirit reminded me/us that everyone and everything matters. This is where the terms value and worth take center stage.

The term nonessential worker has been used frequently since the health concerns began in March 2020. The term referred to categorizing jobs and tasks that were necessary to maintain the infrastructure. Our physiological and safety needs have been a top priority, yet we also know the importance of connection, love and belonging. Some of you may be familiar with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs described in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation.” This concept is often depicted in a pyramid illustration with each level in the hierarchy being attained in order to be motivated by the next one. In other words, basic needs are fulfilled before focusing on more advanced needs. The fourth level is esteem, which is the need for appreciation, respect and personal worth. The fifth level is self-actualization. Self-actualizing people are aware, in tune and focused on personal growth, while fulfilling their full potential. They also strive to release the opinions of others.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Before continuing, the definition of value is “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” Worth is defined as “the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rate.” Some synonyms of value are cost, worth, importance, significance and usefulness. Understandably, at this point, you may be wondering what exactly has prompted this blog.

As consumers, we tend to look for a good deal when making a purchase. We especially love free shipping, specials, discounts, Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. It’s really psychological, but the marketing is effective nonetheless. As humans, we’ve been conditioned to believe that “you get what you pay for” in regards to an item or service. Recognizing this, it often seems to be a bit of an oxymoron when considering both of these notions together or applying in one instance and not to another.

I often state that words are power and have an energetic vibration. We place a value on our time, and time is precious. Work-wise, we are compensated financially by the hour, are on salary or once a project is completed. During my college studies to acquire an Associates in Accounting degree and then a Bachelor’s degree in Business, I took many courses in cost accounting and marketing. Understanding these fundamentals assists in establishing a comfortable rate to charge for services. The courses I took to attain a minor in Psychology also gave me a well-rounded understanding of the psychological element regarding value – both on a material and personal level.

Now, here’s the gist of where I’m going on this topic. Some people believe that mediumistic, psychic and healing abilities are gifts from God, and therefore, sessions should be provided at no charge to the client. There are also other individuals who perceive that the more people charge for a service, the better they are, so the session will be the best available. Personally speaking, my intention is to provide services that are accessible and affordable to others, whether it be creating a website, teaching a Reiki class or offering a session. Being called cheap or saying the services are cheap feels derogatory and offensive even though it may not be intended as such.

Knowing our individual worth is fundamental to our growth. We must value ourselves and what we have to offer. We must see our potential and forgo the perception of others. Yes, we have the innate need within each of us to be valued, appreciated and loved. We have to remember to offer that for ourselves as well.

In closing, I do encourage you to feel into the word choices that you use and your own perception on this topic. Please do consider your own value as well as the value that you place on others and the products and services you purchase. The value of knowing your worth is literal and also very metaphorical.

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Shelly Wilson is an intuitive medium, Reiki Master, life coach, author and inspirational speaker. Shelly has an innate ability to meet people where they are, while offering a tailored approach intended to bolster their own connection to Spirit. She illuminates each person’s unique soul key and helps individuals re-ignite their spark, while reminding them of the power they behold. During classes and private sessions, she creates a space for empowered transformation and provides practical, actionable tools. Shelly’s books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within, Journey into Consciousness and Embracing the Magic Within are available in paperback and eBook. She is also the creator of Cards of Empowerment and Clarity Cards. Residing in Oklahoma, Shelly has a BS in Business with a minor in Psychology. In addition, she has been tested as a medium and certified by Mark Ireland and is also listed as a provider for Helping Parents Heal, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents.

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