Empowerment Coaching

Lean forward into your life.
Begin each day as if it were on purpose.

~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Many individuals long to know their purpose. Who am I? Why I am here? What am I supposed to be doing? These questions are similar to keys that unlock the door to more! Asking these questions offers us the opportunity to connect to our Higher self – the knowingness of our soul.

Each one of us has the Divine spark within us. It is our right to be all that we are intended to be and so much more. Through awareness and conscious creation, we can each step forward into our own authentic expression as Divine beings on this planet. We can also choose to acknowledge our Oneness, while celebrating our uniqueness.

As we become more aware of our energetic emission as well as the importance of shining our Light bright, we offer others the comfort-ability to do so for themselves as well. As we change ourselves and our thought processes, we become empowered to stand in our power and to feel safe in expressing the truth of who we are. Shifting energy entails shifting our perception, which is truly a matter of changing how we view the situation, experience, person, place or thing!

Allow yourself the opportunity to embrace your aliveness and navigate the waters of your human life experience on this journey into consciousness. Even so, at times, our spark may need to be sparked. This inner fire does not go out completely, but it can feel like it at times, especially if we feel like we are functioning on auto-pilot and simply going through the motions of life, but not really living. One conversation, one encounter, one moment can spark the spark, fan the flame, and reignite the ember.

Choose to live your life with passion, presence and purpose!

Empowerment Coaching

I invite you to begin your life in a new way and tap into your inner power as you explore who you really are. Refrain from simply existing and elect to live your life fully without regret. I encourage you to let go of the past, live in the present, and look to the future for it is this attitude that will transform you. 

As you shift your perception, you will change your experiences, including those in the past, the ones you are presently experiencing and those that have yet to happen. This transformation involves altering one’s mindset and attitude as well as being mindful of one’s thoughts, words and actions. Many of us have been living our lives for others for so long, and we don’t know how to live for ourselves. 

Empowerment coaching sessions are individualized and created specifically for you. During these sessions, I utilize my intuitive abilities and offer insight, tools and exercises to assist you in creating the life you desire. The session involves two-way communication as we together formulate and implement a plan for personal transformation as well as spiritual growth. Loving guidance that is for your highest good enabling you to heal, grow and empower yourself is ensured. Follow-up sessions can be scheduled at a reduced rate. 

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Spiritual Development Coaching

Assistance with heightening and honing your intuitive, psychic and mediumistic abilities. This session is intended to offer you the opportunity to hone your intuitive skills, to assist you with communicating with your Higher Self, angels, guides and loved ones in Spirit, and build confidence in receiving and trusting the information that comes through. Please have questions prepared in advance to make optimal use of the time.

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