Cards of Empowerment

Journey into Consciousness: Cards of Empowerment

All of the answers you seek can be found within if you take the time to listen. ~ Shelly

Custom US Game Deck Size Cards
2.2″ x 3.43″ (60 cards)
52 message cards, title card, author card, intention card
along with 5 blank cards to write your own message
See images below to view 12 cards from the 52 card deck
Packaging: custom labeled tin box

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I was inspired to create this deck as a divination tool to empower you to connect to the you within. I purposefully have chosen not to include detailed instructions with this deck of cards as I encourage you to explore and use them as you are guided to do so.

You can simply choose to ask the question, “What do I need to know for today?” and then pull a card or as many that you feel led to pull. For those appreciating additional assistance with the cards, please download a pdf file with my interpretations of the individual cards.

Each image was photographed by Shelly using an Android phone with many of the flowers being from her own flower beds or are those from her travels.

Testimonials for Journey into Consciousness: Cards of Empowerment

“Shelly’s Cards of Empowerment are a clear and direct way to receive guidance on a daily basis. They are uplifting as well as beautiful, and the fact that Shelly took all of the pictures herself facilitates an even deeper connection to the messages offered. The size of the cards are perfect and easy to manipulate. My 8 year old daughter also loves for me to draw her a daily card, and they are her favorite deck for me to use. Shelly even added several blank cards to write your own messages, and it is clear how much thought and effort went into creating this deck. They really reflect Shelly’s beauty and gifts that she consistently brings to our community. Thank you for the Cards of Empowerment!” ~  April Wulff

“I have been using Shelly Wilson’s Journey Into Consciousness: Cards of Empowerment deck to close my tarot readings for several years now. These beautiful and well-made cards always complement the readings I have just done and help to soften harsher messages with an optimistic and encouraging tone.” ~ Merryweather of Merryweather’s Magic

“I have been using the Cards of Empowerment for many years. I simply ask a question for desired answers. They are cards of empowering energy, inspiring and positive!” ~ Brenda Stacer, Reiki Master Healer & Gifted Seer 

“This deck is my most adored and most used deck! The size is perfect – it fits easily in my purse and is a great size for my hands, too! The tin container keeps the cards well-protected as they travel with me. I use this deck for many occasions – casual guidance, full/new moon rituals, birthdays, etc. Spirit always comes through with the exact message I need at the time. Knowing Shelly took the pictures herself and worked directly with Spirit to create the messages on these cards makes them even more valuable to me. I even bought more to gift to family members because they enjoyed my deck so much!” ~ Emily Richardson

“I love the Cards of Empowerment deck by Shelly Wilson. They are so powerful and beautiful with simple and bold messages. The deck is a clear example of the channeled work Shelly shares with us all. Each card has its own energy with the perfect message given at the right time. I love that they can be used in any way you choose and the message is always spot on. I use these cards daily to start my day. I also use these cards for clients when I am prompted. Thank you to Shelly Wilson for putting your heart and soul into this Divine deck of cards.” ~ Beth Peters, Psychic & Medium

“Recently, I purchased Shelly’s Journey into Consciousness cards, and they have been monumental in the process! As a Psychic and Medium, my spiritual team and I enjoy developing innovative games while using these Cards of Empowerment. The Divine energy and love that flows through the cards is to be noted on so many levels. There are no limits, and I’m very thankful for this working tool. I highly recommended them!” ~ Maegan Coker 

“Shelly Wilson has created an empowerment card deck that is as uplifting as it is beautiful. I have shared these cards with many of my friends and clients, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The cards themselves are bright, colorful, and easy to handle when shuffling and dealing into spreads. The wording on the cards is very straightforward and motivating. My clients truly appreciated the direct responses they received to their various questions by using these cards. With phrases such as “Go Within,” “Practice Self-love,” “Window of Opportunity,” and “Forgive Yourself,” my friends and clients found it easy to interpret and apply these thoughts, and the many other positive affirmations the cards provide to their own lives and personal situations. I personally use these cards as a focal point for meditation. The images on the cards are mesmerizing and help to focus thoughts and energy into a quiet space of consciousness. Shelly has done a wonderful job creating a card deck that is inspiring, affirming, and encouraging. I have many different tarot and divination cards I enjoy using for readings. Having experienced my client’s positive response to Shelly’s Journey into Consciousness: Cards of Empowerment over the last several weeks, I know I will be using Ms. Wilson’s cards on a regular basis to help my friends, clients and myself move forward courageously in life in a positive and joyful manner. Thank you, Shelly.” ~ Jamie Zunick

“Shelly’s Empowerment Cards are a wonderful blessing and have helped us every day. The cards are always spot on in every situation of our life and circumstances surrounding it. We use them to guide us and look forward to the sense of empowerment they provide daily. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.” ~ Tracey and Samantha Young

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