Thanking 2020 as We Journey into 2021

As the days and months progress, it often seems like we start rapidly wishing the time away as we prepare ourselves to embark on a new year before the current one has ended, especially when we have been faced with extreme challenges. Undoubtedly, 2020 has been a tough year physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and energetically for numerous individuals.

Optically speaking 20/20 refers to clear vision, so 2020 has provided us a perfect opportunity to gain clarity and to create consciously. 2020 has been a time to become more aware and in tune with who we are and what we desire. As a universal 4 year according to numerology, 2020 was a year inviting us to return home to self, which entailed building a future for ourselves that aligned us with a more stable and secure life, self-growth and creating our own reality.

Embracing an Attitude of Gratitude
We recognize 2020 has offered its share of challenges. While overcoming the proverbial storms we have weathered and those that continue to arise, we are also being shown the contrasting experience and the silver lining. Throughout it all, we must remember that everything is energy and awareness is everything. Choosing to see each experience from a Higher soul perspective also enables us to view the lesson being presented within the challenge. Embracing an attitude of gratitude assists us with this process.

Everything is Energy
We are essentially walking vibrations. Like a radio station, the frequency we vibrate at is what we broadcast out to the world around us. This energetic emission includes our thoughts, words, actions and emotions. This emission, whether it be ours or from those around us, can affect our physical health and mental/emotional well-being. If we are vibrating with fear, worry, stress or lack of trust, the energy is being focused in a lower vibrational way and resisting flow. We have the power to transmute and shift energy based on our viewpoint and how we choose to respond.

Releasing the Old
As we say our final farewells and close the proverbial door on 2020, spending time in reflection may be beneficial to us as we welcome the arrival of 2021 with its new energy. What we choose to do individually creates a ripple and ultimately affects the collective consciousness.

With that said, each one of us may want to pause, breathe and become more present. Then, we may choose to do a mini life review and take a stroll through the experiences of 2020. Instead of dwelling in the energy and attempting to recall each of the moments we deem significant, simply let unfiltered thoughts, emotions, impressions and memories rise to the surface. Also, we can allow memories we may have deemed unpleasant, frustrating or disappointing to come into our conscious awareness as well. Honoring each one as we honor ourselves is essential. During this process, it is beneficial to acknowledge any emotions being felt as they arise and be with them as long as necessary.

After taking a deep breath in and exhaling audibly, we may be guided to enable ourselves to see the blessings within any challenging situations. These blessings can be spoken aloud, recognized in our mind or even written down. When we choose to communicate thankfulness, we should note that the energy of gratitude is one of high vibration and assists with the flow of abundance.

In addition, we are also being reminded to tune in more to our bodies. We need to become more aware of our emotions because the heavy emotions are weighing us down and causing inflammation. If you feel led, you may keep an emotions/feelings journal or just check in with yourself periodically. Literally ask aloud or in your mind to your body/soul – How do you feel? What do you need? How can I support you in the best way possible? What energy and emotions have I been holding onto unknowingly? What do I need to release? There may be some other questions you are guided to ask as well.

As we let the doors close, new windows of opportunity will open up for us. We can gratefully receive the gift of endings, so that we can have fabulous new beginnings!

Tools to Assist with Embracing an Attitude of Gratitude
Identify the Challenges – Choose to identify any experiences that were challenging and see them as opportunities for learning and growth. These experiences do not define us, but have undoubtedly had an impact and affected us to some degree.

Spend Time in Reflection – After acknowledging these experiences, spend some quiet time in reflection and honor any emotions as they surface. Pay attention to bodily sensations as well. Write down your thoughts, feelings and emotions as you spend time in reflection if you are guided to do so.

Give Thanks for the Experience – When the time feels appropriate, express gratitude with sincerity for having the experiences. The Ho’oponopono prayer invites us to recognize and accept responsibility for internal aspects of ourselves as well as external situations that are beyond our control. This ancient Hawaiian practice will assist with clearing any residual energy from a challenging situation. Simply, state the following as a prayer or mantra: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

Recognize the Blessings – In addition to identifying the challenges, we can also recognize the blessings within our life and give thanks for all of our experiences even if they are different than what we had originally planned or are not really to our liking. When circumstances occur beyond our control, and they appear to be or feel less than desirable, we can choose to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Every experience lends itself to having another experience. Each day is a new beginning and an opportunity to have numerous experiences for personal growth and learning.

Create a Gratitude Journal – Journaling regularly, whether it be daily or as you feel led to do so, reminds us of the blessings we experience. Keep in mind that there is no right way or wrong way to journal – only your preferred way. Simply allow the words to flow.

Journey into 2021 – Embracing the New
2021 is a universal 5 year, which acknowledges personal freedom and change. This energy invites us to recognize our power of choice. In those instances that we have no control of, we still have the ability to perceive and choose how we wish to respond.

As we journey into 2021, begin by allowing yourself the opportunity to bask in the fresh energy in order to truly create a new beginning or at least a new outlook. Rather than declaring resolutions, we may be guided to begin the new year with setting intentions. We can start by focusing on how we want to feel and then let the Universe work its magic on our behalf. To create consciously, we must be mindful of the energy we are emitting into the Universe with our thoughts, words and actions, since this energetic emission can be reflected back to us.  Recognizing everything is energy and has its own frequency and vibration, what we focus on can become our reality. Our self-talk and the other thoughts running through our mind are similar to radio signals.

For intention setting to be effective, practicing non-attachment to the outcome is essential as well as focusing on being adaptable and flexible instead of being rigid and stuck in our ways. In other words, we can allow ourselves to go with the flow, especially when presented with those unexpected life detours, or we can sabotage ourselves by depending on those facets that no longer serve us or exist.

We may even choose to cocoon to attain guidance and the clarity that we seek. In essence, cocooning involves pulling our energy in as we become more aware of energy drains, whether it be people, places or things. Choosing to honor our physical health as well as our mental/emotional well-being is an aspect of the cocooning process, which involves self-care.

Once we feel centered and at ease, we can spend some time and allow all of our desires, dreams, aspirations and intentions for the coming year to fill our conscious mind. As you feel led to do so, write down the words and ideas that have formed within your mind. Now, read what you have written and see how you feel when reading it. Release the manifestation details, such as how it will happen and when it will happen, and do your best to practice non-attachment to the outcome. Become mindful of your energetic emission and choose to infuse the intentions you’ve declared with love, compassion, grace, gratitude and trust rather than the energies of fear, worry, doubt and lack.

2020 has provided us a perfect opportunity to gain clarity and to create consciously. As we journey into 2021, we can incorporate what 2020 has offered us and see the blessings within the challenges, while recognizing we always have the power of choice in how we respond.

May you journey into 2021 with optimism, hope and clarity, while feeling loved, valued, appreciated and empowered. May you live the kind of life you imagine for yourself – a life you love. May all your dreams for the year be achieved and all your wishes fulfilled.

I wish you peace. I wish you love. I wish you joy. I wish you happiness.

Thanking 2020 as We Journey into 2021 inspirational message at Unity of Fayetteville on December 13, 2020 video
My talk begins at 20:17 and finishes at 43:24 on the video.

Thanking 2020 as We Journey into 2021 inspirational message at Unity of Fayetteville on December 13, 2020 mp3
My talk begins at 20:17 and finishes at 43:24 on the audio.

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