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When I embarked on this path in 2010 and began offering guidance to others, I stated from the beginning that I am not a fortune teller and will not predict your future. In every moment with every choice you are making, your life is continuously changing. Simply put, I choose to empower you rather than dis-empower you!

Lean forward into your life.
Begin each day as if it were on purpose.

~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Each one of us has the ability to consciously create the reality we desire. Since everything is energy, we must become aware of the energetic emission/radio transmission that we are sending out. This includes becoming aware of our thoughts, words and actions as well as recognizing what we are focusing on. I believe the Universe provides us contrasting experiences to help us to learn and to grow.

This existence isn’t about learning to accept reality;
but rather remembering your power to create it.

~ Michael Cummings

Rather than simply existing and going through the motions of life, I invite you to join me on this journey into consciousness. I encourage you to actively experience every moment of your human life experience and consciously choose to fully embrace your aliveness with every choice you make.

Whether you are seeking intuitive guidance, physical or emotional healing, life coaching or hoping to connect with a loved one in Spirit, my intent is to assist with clarity, validation and healing. I strive to be accessible and offer affordable services. And dragonflies do have a special meaning to me, too. I invite you to read my blog, The Girl with the Dragonfly Tattoo, to learn why.



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