Shelly Wilson

Development Classes

Spiritual Development Class

Intuitive Medium Shelly Wilson is facilitating this spiritual development class at H2Oasis Float Center & Tea House in The Farm Shopping Center in Tulsa, OK to assist you with heightening and honing your psychic and mediumistic abilities. These classes are intended to offer you the opportunity to hone your intuitive skills, to assist you with communicating with your Higher Self, angels, guides and loved ones in Spirit, and build confidence in receiving and trusting the information that comes through.

Each class will also devote time to answer questions to those seeking assistance with their spiritual journey, helping children who are sensitive, coping in relationships with others, etc. The collective energy and synergy of those in attendance will influence this Spirit-led class. Please note that each class is a stand-alone class, and you are not obligated to attend them all.

Current classes are held the first and third Tuesdays at H2Oasis Float Center in Tulsa, OK.

Spiritual Development Classes are also held online via the Zoom Platform on the second Tuesday of each month. The classes are offered at 10 am CST and 7 pm CST. Please visit the events page for upcoming class dates or click here to join the class.