“What I love about Shelly Wilson is that she doesn’t simply teach a workshop or give a reading–she encourages and assists her clients on their own personal journeys by giving them the proper tools to expedite their spiritual growth. I’ve recommended Shelly’s courses to many of my friends and acquaintances, and I will continue to do so because they are chock full of important, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-apply information that’s designed to help us move forward.” ~  Sherri Ann Cortland – author of Windows of Opportunity, Raising our Vibrations for the New Age and Spiritual Toolbox

“Shelly Wilson is such a delight as a teacher, speaker, author and intuitive. I first met Shelly as a guest speaker at my church, Unity of the Ozarks. Her messages are always so inspiring and uplifting and at the same time, down-to-earth. Shelly is not afraid to share her own personal experiences to make a point. Her vulnerability and kind, open manner are an inspiration to everyone she meets. I have also had the pleasure of participating in a number of her workshops and have learned so much. Shelly is creative, an excellent listener and a gifted presenter with boundless energy. Her books inspire and offer much food for thought to consider for life’s journey. Shelly Wilson is a wise woman that I know will be an inspiration to me and my family for many years to come.” ~ Jann Pittman

“Shelly is truly a dynamic and enjoyable speaker who brings light and love to every word she emits.  It was an honor having her on The Teachings of Life Series, and I highly recommend her classes and teachings to anyone looking to open their hearts and feel her transformational power of joy and love envelop their souls.” ~ Nathan Crane, Founder of The Panacea Community

“Shelly’s books are life-transforming. I had the pleasure to write the foreword for Connect to the YOU Within and also have a private reading with Shelly. I was so thrilled with her insights and advice. She intuited so much about what I was experiencing and gave me the tools and guidance I needed to move forward with confidence towards my destiny. I am so appreciative of her friendship, her professionalism, her wisdom and her gifts, which continue to bless me and others every day. Her books and her readings are highly recommended and will cause positively wonderful shifts to occur in your life.” ~ Marie D. Jones, author of Destiny vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will

“Shelly has an amazing talent that she shares that takes you on a journey into consciousness. Her gifts and abilities help empower your soul to a new and higher level of spiritual insight. She is a truly an angel among us.” ~ Nikki Pattillo – author of Children of the Stars: Advice for Parents and Star Children and A Spiritual Evolution

“Shelly is one of those rare people who have seen through the illusion of life in the physical, and has dedicated her life to helping mankind awaken to the greater reality through her caring, healing and intuitive counsel.” ~ Guy Steven Needler – Birmingham, UK  – author of The History of God and Beyond the Source – Books 1 & 2

“I first consider Shelly Wilson a friend. I enjoy the enthusiasm I see in her as she continues to learn, grow and share. She is most certainly on a well-lit path and will continue to contribute to the welfare of everyone with whom she has contact, and her energy will contribute to the betterment of our fragile world.” ~ Dr. Steven Summers, DCH   

 ~ Intuitive and Mediumship Session Testimonials ~

“I am grateful for my first meeting and reading with Shelly Wilson. What a kind, gentle, compassionate, and loving presence! She held a safe and sacred space for me to feel deeply into the message she delivered from Spirit, which was exactly what I needed. Afterwards, I felt light-hearted and freer. It was soothing salve for grief I’ve been carrying. I highly recommend Shelly!” ~ Allee Jordan – Fayetteville, AR

“Shelly is spot on and connects quickly with loved ones who have transitioned. She also takes the time to teach you how to notice signs from Spirit, so that you can receive daily confirmations that your loved ones are always with you and aware of what is going on. It is a tool that is very healing and loving. After a reading with Shelly, you feel like you are on cloud nine. It is a wonderful experience and a great gift that she gives to others.” ~ Sandy Martin

“I was completely at ease getting a reading from Shelly. All of my questions were answered, and she actually shared things with me about me that I wasn’t even considering, but were extremely important. Her desire to help is apparent. Shelly is very intuitive and knowledgeable. I am psychic myself and very selective as to whom I get readings from, and I highly recommend Shelly.” ~ Jessica Carolyn Wolf

“This was my first time to have a reading from Shelly, and I found that she had a very warm, personable and affirming style. Very insightful, she quickly honed in on the issues even before I could finish the last word of explanation! Shelly is also a wonderful teacher. She gave me several useful tools to help with some of my energy issues. Her explanations were very clear and thorough. She was also able to pack an amazing amount of information in a relatively short period of time. To top it off, Shelly did some energy work on me, and I really felt some relief in the heart area. For a first time reading, I was really pleased. Shelly was very helpful, and I will “hang on” to her as my intuitive of first choice. Thank you, Shelly.” ~ Charlene Marchi – Portland, OR

“Shelly’s love and compassion were felt immediately upon meeting her. My husband came through from the other side, and his personality was very true-to-form. Shelly showed a lot of empathy and understanding about my grief in losing my husband, too. She is truly gifted in many ways. I would highly recommend her.” ~ Sherrill Durbin

“Shelly Wilson glows with the love of Spirit. She is a true Earth Angel who was gifted with the ability to give authentic readings with love and grace. She hits the nail on the head. I have had several readings with her and have had life altering insights every time. She is an amazing Reiki Master healer also.” ~ Kathy Galvan

“I first met Shelly Wilson in a group setting. I knew nothing about her, but her website made me feel good when I looked it over, and so I went. Many people asked questions that night, and I felt comfortable to do so myself. Her quick assessment of my condition astonished me. I went home, gave it some thought and then called for a session, which, by the way, is quite affordable. I went to see her the next day, and I loved her combination of angel card reading, some talking, and a quick treatment of Reiki. She healed me in one session of an ulcer that had bothered me for a few years. Shelly is the real thing, and I will always be grateful to her. Shelly is a wonderful and gifted healer and a really fun teacher.” ~ Cindy Covel

“I am so thankful that a mutual friend introduced me to Shelly Wilson! Shelly was born with the gift of being connected to the world of Spirit! When I asked her to do a reading for me, I was not surprised that she was able to make me feel comfortable and was so very pleased with her messages that came through from a loved one. She gave me encouragement and words of wisdom from my angels as well.” ~ Becki Hawkins

“Shelly Wilson is a wonderfully gifted Intuitive Medium and Reiki Master. Her joyful, kind and giving nature is one reason that Shelly is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to connect with her. Shelly is a beautiful soul. I highly recommend Shelly Wilson for an intuitive reading and/or Reiki healing as well as any other service she offers. I am blessed to have met Shelly Wilson.”~ Mary Shannon Bell, RN – author of Loving Gifts From Heaven

~ Reiki  and Development Class Testimonials ~

“I was truly blown away by the amount of content Shelly delivered in 4 weeks. She brought more understanding, tools and direct practice opportunities than I received in courses I had taken from other Mediums. Our practice sessions were actually one-on-one live experiences with Shelly giving valuable real-time direct feedback and guidance. Shelly’s calm and reassuring presence made this experience feel very safe. She is so encouraging and worked with each of us as individuals with our own specific strengths. This was not a one-size-fits-all course. I appreciated that the class was small and intimate. Being able to watch Shelly work with each student was so very helpful. I highly recommend Shelly Wilson’s Exploration of your Mediumistic Self Intermediate Course!” ~ Candy Jackson

“This class with Shelly’s teaching, guidance and support absolutely moved me to another level. Each week, we learned concrete skills and concepts in the world of the Clairs. The small group practice was safe and encouraging. I have taken a couple of other mediumship trainings. Shelly’s class furthered my skills. I now have a stronger connection and communication with my daughter. I have a stronger sense of my own soul and intuition. I have a stronger sense of trust in the things I hear, see, somatically feel and sense. I use the skills in leading group meditations, my private practice sessions and will now use my skills to start making connections for others to their loved ones. There is so much more to her class than I described. I highly recommend taking and trusting this series to level up. I will be paying this forward for the rest of my time in this realm and all others as I am letting love lead.” ~ Kelley Worth, MSW, founder of Jade’s Wings

“I am so glad that I signed up for the Exploration of your Mediumistic Self Intermediate class.  Shelly offers a safe and intimate environment to practice and hone one’s mediumistic abilities.  Under Shelly’s knowledgeable, gentle and encouraging guidance, she will not only help you to connect to your loved one, but also to the loved ones of the other participants in the group.  I highly recommend this class.  An amazing experience!” ~ Jane Butterworth

“Class has been such a positive experience. There is no pressure, just loving guidance. Shelly guides you when you are feeling unsure of yourself. She has encouraged everyone to listen to their intuition. I feel so much confidence going forward. Thank you, Shelly!” ~ Jaymie Williams

“Shelly has given me the keys to unlock my soul and full potential. With these tools, I  am now able to infuse love and light into a world that I once felt I walked alone in. I’m now empowered and can pay it forward and help others on their journey while strengthening and growing daily in my own.” ~ Laurie Roberson

“Shelly Wilson has been an excellent teacher and mentor to me for the past two years and more. As a Reiki instructor, she enabled me to reach new goals in my energy work. In her spiritual development classes, I was able to tap into intuitive gifts that were a challenge to me due to past programming. I highly recommend Shelly in any ability that she offers.” ~ Cindy Kraft

“I just attended Shelly’s Reiki I & II level class. She is inviting, authentic, and she conveyed information in a way that could be absorbed and acted on. There was the technical information side and the hands on practices. I appreciated both. I walked away with a special understanding and a new skill set that has helped set my desire for spiritual focus and intent. Thank you, Shelly!”  ~ Christy Vassar

“I took Shelly Wilson’s Karuna Reiki Master class in Albuquerque, NM. All I can say is “Wow!” I was already a Reiki Master and have been practicing Reiki on my clients for several years. Shelly is a wonderful, sweet and talented person who gives of herself to others with such generosity. She comes from her heart and wants others to succeed as much as she does herself. Bless you Shelly and thank you for coming to Albuquerque and sharing your gifts, wisdom and heart!” ~ Charlene Lewis

“Shelly Wilson has so much powerful and positive energy as she teaches her class. I had low energy before the class and left with so much energy and insight after Shelly’s class that I feel confident in using Reiki to benefit others as well as myself. What a wonderful experience. Thank you Shelly for channeling the energy to me.” ~ Belinda Josey

“I absolutely recommend Shelly’s classes! She covered all the information it took me a year of Reiki shares to learn! The classes are jam packed with exciting spiritual messages and resources that will continually be used throughout your Reiki practice. Shelly is an incredible teacher that brings honesty and enthusiasm to her students. She has a wonderful location that reflects the peace and warmth Reiki brings to your life. She also has other resources available, although she provides enough to keep you busy for a while! She is a genuine healer with unique knowledge and wisdom. I am proud to be part of her lineage!” ~ Steffanie Powers

“Reiki training with Shelly was so comfortable and inspiring. She truly practices what she preaches and is extremely authentic. Her approach of follow your intuition/guides/heart rather than rule-based is so refreshing, and it makes the idea of practicing Reiki exciting rather than intimidating. I so appreciate that Shelly came into my life and shared Reiki with me; she truly offered me the positive spiritual shift that I needed.” ~ Krista Overwater

“I have taken Reiki I and II from Shelly. She encourages her students to use their intuition rather than “by the book,” which I found refreshing. The energy that comes off of her is so warm and fuzzy!” ~ Miranda Sutter

“I have taken Reiki I, II and Reiki Master classes from Shelly Wilson, and she is an excellent teacher – so calm, peaceful, loving, capable, knowledgeable and FUN!  She just glows from the inside out.  She is a very powerful healer!” ~ Kathy Galvan, Reiki Master

“If you want a truly amazing, uplifting and healing spiritual experience, then meet with Shelly for a Reiki session and then take her class. Shelly is fully trained, power loaded, an excellent communicator, sees the path you are on, in tune with several different energy connections and also in tune with God’s Spirit and His angels. Above all that, her smile and heart radiates pure kindness and concern for others. From the moment I first met her, I could tell she was someone you could trust to help you on your spiritual journey. She is a true selfless woman of heart – a true master.” ~ Jim Martin – Oklahoma City

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