Perfect Time to Spring Clean for Well-Being

Many states have enacted stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders as well as are encouraging social distancing as a means to combat our current global health concerns related to the coronavirus known as COVID-19. This is a perfect opportunity to do some Spring cleaning in our homes as well as within ourselves. Much like an individual would do a thorough cleaning of their living space, often times referred to as “spring cleaning,” one can also intentionally do a mental spring cleaning.

One way to do that is to create a space to release yourself from the pain, heartache and frustration you have been holding on to. Forgive yourself for any choices you made and now regret. Every experience and individual you encounter as well as any self-perceived mistakes or “bad choices” offer you opportunities for learning and growth. Choose to consciously practice non-attachment to the outcome rather than having expectations or pre-conceived notions. Sometimes, we need to step back from an experience, observe what is happening, allow it to happen and then let go of the outcome.

Some people may choose not to forgive those that have hurt them when they feel wronged or abused. The reason may be justifiable. This is your power of choice. No one should tell you what is right for you. However, from my perspective, practicing forgiveness provides us with an opportunity to free ourselves from the ties that may bind us to another in regards to the anger, frustration, disappointment, pain and other emotions that we are also holding onto.

A simple, yet powerful technique involves a releasing and forgiveness exercise. Please know that this is a process and is not something that will have instantaneous results, although it is possible. The concept is to allow space for healing to occur. In doing so, you are offering an opportunity for the repressed and suppressed memories to surface. In addition, seeking appropriate counseling or other type of therapy may be needed and would be determined as necessary by a mental health counselor or medical professional.

Releasing and Forgiveness Exercise

Take a moment to just BE. Sit up with your back straight and your palms up, open to receiving. Close your eyes. Allow the memory of an experience or individual that you have labeled unpleasant or uncomfortable (one that may trigger or affect you) to come into your consciousness. Do not attempt to relive the experience in its entirety or remember all of the details. Simply allow this individual, event or experience to come into your mind. Then, acknowledge and release this memory you have labeled unpleasant. Say aloud, “I acknowledge. I release.” Breathe in deeply and visualize yourself exhaling this experience or individual.

Furthermore, you may also be guided to assess your present relationships and become aware of your time and energy investments. Choose to cultivate the healthy, balanced relationships (invest more time and energy) and establish boundaries within those relationships you deem unhealthy or imbalanced (invest less time and energy). Say No when you really mean No, and you are saying Yes to yourself.

Making conscious and empowered choices is fundamental for our overall wellness, including our physical health and mental/emotional well-being. A mental spring cleaning assists with clearing the energetic clutter from our body, mind and spirit.

About the Author

Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness.

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About shellyrwilson

Shelly Wilson is an intuitive medium, Reiki Master, life coach, author and inspirational speaker. Shelly has an innate ability to meet people where they are, while offering a tailored approach intended to bolster their own connection to Spirit. She illuminates each person’s unique soul key and helps individuals re-ignite their spark, while reminding them of the power they behold. During classes and private sessions, she creates a space for empowered transformation and provides practical, actionable tools. Shelly’s books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within, Journey into Consciousness and Embracing the Magic Within are available in paperback and eBook. She is also the creator of Cards of Empowerment and Clarity Cards. She has six courses currently available at Cannon Academy of Metaphysics. Residing in Oklahoma, Shelly has a BS in Business with a minor in Psychology. In addition, she has been tested as a medium and certified by Mark Ireland and is also listed as a provider for Helping Parents Heal, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents.

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