Shelly R. Wilson

My First Float Experience

the experience was weightless, timeless and beautiful…

I was eagerly anticipating H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House’s opening after hearing about it from co-owner Debra Worthington earlier this year. All week, I was getting the nudge to make the call and schedule an appointment. Yesterday, it was very strong, so I made the call and scheduled for today.

This was my first time to float. I didn’t have any expectations or pre-conceived notions; I just knew I would have an experience. As I pulled up to the storefront in The Farm Shopping Center, I immediately could feel what a beautiful, sacred space I was about to enter. Walking through the doors, I scanned my surroundings thinking “ah, this feels so nice!”

Connie greeted me and gave me a wonderful tour of the place along with instructions on how to float, including her own personal tips. Floatation Room 3 was going to be my Heaven for the next hour. It smelled nice, the temperature was perfect and the energy was palpable.

Before floating, it is necessary to shower in order to remove everything extra from our hair and skin (deodorant, lotion, shampoo, hairspray, etc.). I showered earlier and knew not to wear makeup, but absolutely followed the process.

20160915_095232Once you step into the tub and close the doors, the lights are motion-censored and dim to complete darkness. As soon as I stepped into the tub, I knew I was “hooked.” Sitting down, I was amazed at how quickly my legs floated. I stretched out and was going to enjoy the ride.

The time went by very fast. The hour seemed like 10-15 minutes. I was amazed at how easy/comfortable it was to float. Three different times, I found myself just needing to sit and ground rather than float. I also enjoyed the feeling of the Epsom salt water and how smooth and slick my skin felt. Periodically, I found myself feeling the need to touch what I could reach almost to assure myself that I did indeed have a body.

The main thing I noticed was that I immediately began hearing and feeling my heart beat. This was very prominent during the session. I quickly realized I needed to become more aware of my breathing and control it in a steady flow. At one time, I became extremely cold, which is typically what happens to me when Spirit comes through. It was 93 degrees, so I knew it wasn’t cold in there.

At the end,  I was guided to sit down. A huge tunnel/portal of purple light opened. I heard the words “you are enough” and just felt peace. Then, the lights came on and a chime sounded to let me know the hour was up. I didn’t realize how out of my body I was (experiencing an altered state of consciousness) until I went to stand up and then stand under the shower to wash off the salt water.

After my float, I had a delicious cup of fruit tea and relaxed, while having a nice conversation with Deb about my experience. I look forward to returning very soon, and I highly recommend adding float visits to your spiritual practice! To sum it up, the experience was weightless, timeless and beautiful!

Please visit H2Oasis Facebook page. To learn more about the benefits of floating, please visit their website.

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