Floating Experience Number Two


Expect nothing…then see what happens.

Yesterday, I experienced my second float at H2Oasis. You can read about my initial floating experience in the blog appropriately titled, “My First Float Experience.”

Once again, I consciously released attachment to what I thought the experience would be like knowing fully that I would have the experience I was intended to have. For this float, I was in Floatation Room 2, which was a flipped version of the room I was in last time.

Stepping into the pool, I felt like I was wading into an unknown abyss. As the room darkened and I began to float, I immediately became fully aware of my breathing. My heartbeat was noticeable, but not prominent like it was last time.

I relaxed and began reflecting on what transpired over the weekend at the Oklahoma City Spirit Fair as well as over the past few days. Then, also allowed whatever to come into my awareness.

My float was much different this time. It  was not better or worse than my last experience because I believe that in no way should they be compared. This time, it was very peaceful and relaxing with a lot of healing occurring on all levels – physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. Lots of energy was moving through me and around me. At times, it literally felt like I had hands sculpting my body and clearing my mind as I was releasing the clutter from my being.

Their website notes, “All that you experience while floating comes from within yourself. Therefore, it is the perfect time to reflect on your life. As a result, many report of creative and personal insights. After years of practice, people can enter theta state through deep meditation. However, floating gets you there effortlessly.”

When the chime sounded and the lights came on, I was startled. Time passed very quickly, and it was apparent that I was in a deep state of relaxation. For those of you considering this experience, I encourage you to do so. Leave any and all expectations at the door. Expect nothing, then see what happens.

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