Mindfulness Message from the Mantis

I am conscious of being mindful and do spend a lot of time practicing mindfulness – being fully present in the moment. I wrote a blog titled, “Living a Mindful Life,” and also spoke at Unity of Tulsa in February of this year on the topic of awareness and mindfulness.

Last night, I was reflecting and enjoying being in the moment as I was picking raspberries. Over the summer, we enjoyed a multitude of blackberries along with numerous cobblers and am now enjoying the fruits of our labor with raspberries.

raspberry bushHarvesting the berries, I recognized that there are differences between the two. The blackberry bushes were thornless whereas the raspberries are not. Blackberries could be plucked at various stages of ripeness and color, but the raspberries are a bit more particular. They do not release easily until they are ripe and fully ready to do so.

While picking, I thought about what a great task this is to practice mindfulness and to be rewarded at the end with a “berry” nice gift! Once I finished, I felt something on my right shoulder and instinctively brushed it away. I immediately looked down and noticed a praying mantis. I apologized for my rudeness and placed him/her on the raspberry bush.

prayingmantisIn that moment, I knew the mantis had a message for me, so I referenced Ted Andrew’s Animal Speak Pocket Guide.  The message says, “Be patient for success. Be alert to opportunities and to dangers. Develop stillness and trust in your intuitive abilities.” What a beautiful message to receive – one of mindfulness and patience.

With that said, I have been pondering the thought of becoming a Unity Minister. I was guided to explore the ordination process a few years ago, but decided it wasn’t right for me (right then). The nudge has recently become stronger, so I’m doing my research, exploring the available options, speaking with Unity Ministers and Teachers, and gaining clarity for myself.

To me, everything that we experience or observe as a witness is a call for awareness. Spirit provides the perfect message at the perfect time via the perfect messenger!

*Note: Images are stock photos from Pixabay. I wanted to include a visual, but did not capture that moment in time. Images are reflective of both the bush (except the berries would have already been plucked) and mantis after I placed him on the bush.



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