Messengers from Spirit


We have stopped for a moment to encounter one another, to meet, to love, to share. If we share with caring, lightheartedness and love, we will create abundance and joy for one another. And then this moment will have been worthwhile. ~ Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success 

I firmly and wholeheartedly believe that Spirit provides the perfect message at the perfect time via the perfect messenger. This message may be presented to us via a Facebook post or from an encounter with another individual.

Coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, the term synchronicity is used to express a concept involving a causal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena. Otherwise known as a meaningful coincidence, synchronicity often time plays a role in the people that cross our paths.

I don’t think that anything happens by coincidence… No one is here by accident… Everyone who crosses our path has a message for us. Otherwise, they would have taken another path, or left earlier or later. The fact that these people are here means that they are here for some reason… ~ James Redfield

Recognizing your connection to those people who are in your life today will assist you in understanding the important roles we play in each other’s lives. In addition, observing the blessings within all relationships is essential, including those individuals who are no longer in our life as well as those we have yet to meet. Ultimately, each one of us desires to be acknowledged, valued, appreciated and loved. It is innate within each of us to love and to be loved.

Recently, I was invited to speak at the Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conference. Saturday night, attendees had the opportunity to purchase tickets for a meet and greet dinner with the speakers. Walking into the room with my dear friend and fellow speaker, Sherri Cortland, we were motioned to a table where two seats had been saved for us. Sherri opted to sit at another table, so we parted ways.

I set my purse down in the seat and proceeded to walk around the room greeting and introducing myself to each person I encountered. Returning to my table, a gentleman was now sitting next to me. He was sharing conversation with another attendee, so I waited to introduce myself.

The dinner was buffet style and each table was called individually to avoid a mad rush. Beautiful music by Armand and Angelina serenaded those in attendance. Once our table was called, I returned and noticed the man next to me did not go through the line. Another woman inquired as to why, and he referenced food restrictions and that he was not planning to attend since he would not be eating. However, another attendee asked if he may attend and seated him next to me (I learned this later).

The time seemed to stand still as we shared deeply with one another and listened intently as the other spoke. It felt as though we had known each other forever, yet we had just met. I became emotional while sharing the work that I do and how some people view it. He simply asked, “What do you feel in this moment?” to which I replied, “Acceptance.” I conveyed to him my desire to make everyone I come into contact with feel acknowledged, valued, appreciated and loved.

As we parted ways, I learned he is a Rabbi and had attended the conference from Israel. The woman who sat him next to me said that when she initially met me on Thursday, that she felt valued and appreciated, to which I smiled. With that being said, this encounter was undoubtedly a synchronistic event. If Sherri had sat by me or I had sat at another table, I do not believe the experience would have occurred.

Learn to slow down and perceive the mysterious events and opportunities that happen in life. We call them coincidences, but if we look closely we see they are meaningful. They bring us just the right information at just the right time to extend our careers, relationships, and growth. These events feel destined in some way, as though the world is set up to help us make a better life, work through our problems, and reach our dreams – if we just pay attention. ~ James Redfield

Returning to my room, waves of love washed over me as the tears flowed from my eyes. I heard the words in my head, “I felt God today.” I believed this to be lyrics from a George Strait song so I later googled it to discover the words are actually, “I saw God today.” Being an empath, it only makes sense that I would feel rather than see.

Thank you Fearless Fran and Rabbi Shalom Shwartz for being messengers from Spirit!