My Time at Lily Dale

Lily Dale Assembly

Lily Dale Assembly Entrance Lily Dale, NY

I recently had the opportunity to visit the spiritualist community of Lily Dale, NY. According to their website, Lily Dale Assembly is the world’s largest center for the science, philosophy and religion of Spiritualism, and is now celebrating its 134th year. The 2014 season, which began on June 27th and runs through September 1, will include a series of events and experiences to bring information, enlightenment, hope and peace to those who open their hearts to receive.

I flew into Buffalo, NY early Wednesday afternoon, picked up the rental car and made my way to the community. I was eager to begin my time at Lily Dale and so I began my exploration of the grounds. I packed comfortable shoes (intended to walk anywhere), which was very smart.  While I was there, the weather was cool, comfortable and mixed with scattered rain showers.

I had the honor of teaching my workshop, Creating the Life YOU Desire, on August 1 as well as do a book signing both prior to and after the workshop. In addition, I offered private sessions in the reading room at the Maplewood hotel on August 2.

Shelly Wilson Book Signing Lily Dale, NY

Shelly Wilson Book Signing Lily Dale, NY

Inspiration Stump Lily Dale, NY

Inspiration Stump
Lily Dale, NY

In addition to teaching my own workshop, I attended the historical tour, Ghost Walk, on Wednesday night, Shannon Taggart’s Spirit Photography Then and Now workshop on Thursday night and James Van Praagh’s event, A Morning with James Van Praagh, on Saturday morning. Although I did not get to see messages delivered at Inspiration Stump or at Forest Temple due to the inclement weather, I visited both locations several times to bask in the energy. I did have the opportunity to observe the messages delivered by registered and visiting mediums during the messages service, which were relocated to the auditorium, three different times. I enjoyed observing how other mediums deliver messages from Spirit. Their personality and mannerisms are conveyed in their delivery. I also  attended a healing service in the Healing Temple and received a healing.

Lily Dale Museum Lily Dale, NY *look in the window too

Ghost Walk – Lily Dale Museum
Lily Dale, NY
*look in the window too

I thoroughly enjoyed walking and taking note of the architecture of the homes, which reminded me of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. In addition, I took several opportunities to take orb picture. I left Lily Dale on Sunday morning and then made my way to Niagara Falls. I shared about this experience in the blog, It’s Who You Are.

My time at Lily Dale was magical, mystical, peaceful and memorable. I opened my heart to receive.
Thank you Spirit for allowing me to serve you!


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