Just Let Your Love Flow

Seek life. Feel life. Know life. Live life. Love life. Give life. Be life. ~ Alan Cohen

Sometimes a song comes into your awareness and very simply reminds you to just be love! I recently presented the inspirational message and meditation at Unity of Fayetteville in Fayetteville, AR. (You can click on the Hightail link to listen and/or download.) The first song of the service was Let Your Love Flow, which was made famous by The Bellamy Brothers.

Just let your love flow
Like a mountain stream
And let your love grow
With the smallest of dreams
And let your love show
And you know what I mean
It’s the season

Let your love fly
Like a bird on a wing
And let your love bind you
To all living things and
Let your love shine
And you’ll know what I mean
That’s the reason.

Each one of us are creating a ripple by letting our love flow. We are planting the seeds of intention with loving kindness and watching them bloom and grow. Choosing to shift into heart-centered consciousness makes welcoming each moment with openness, kindness and compassion more vital than what you hope to gain from life.

Matt Kahn reminds us in his book, Whatever Arises, Love That, “As your heart expands, you no longer overlook opportunities to provide yourself with the same kindness and care that so many in your life are blessed to receive. One loving embrace at a time, you become a living testimony of just how powerful, aligned, inspired, and happy you have always been destined to be. With love leading the way, your heart can be seen as the center of the Universe. From this space of recognition, you may realize: through the heart that you embrace, all things are transformed.”

With so much heavy and chaotic energy surrounding us, it is essential to focus on the energy of love, not just for ourselves, but also for the collective consciousness. This powerful intention is heart-based and reminds us to stay in a space of grace, especially when faced with challenges. In doing so, we are tapping into the well of Divine love. This love is accessible, unconditional and unfaltering. It transcends yet also embraces.

Note: Later that same afternoon after speaking, I walked into my local grocery store to purchase a few items. To my delight, Let Your Love Flow began playing on the sound system.

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Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. Shelly’s books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within, Journey into Consciousness and Embracing the Magic Within are available in paperback and eBook. She is also the creator of Cards of Empowerment and Clarity Cards.

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