Shelly R. Wilson

Honoring my Light

Since attending James Van Praagh’s workshop a few weeks ago, I feel different. As I mentioned before, I’m not quite sure how to find the words to describe the difference. I just feel different.

At the OPERA fair last weekend, I offered a Reiki I class on Saturday night. I invite previous students to join the class at no charge if I have space. One individual remarked, “Something’s different. What’s different?” I just smiled knowing that indeed something was different. On Sunday, I exchanged services with my friends, and they too noticed a difference.

With that said, this past week, I have gone through a range of emotions and have allowed myself to feel what I was feeling rather than tuck them away. I have felt joyful, sad, excited, alone, and even bullied. I had to step back and assess what is really going on.

As I am forging ahead, I recognize the need to continue to allow myself to feel what I am feeling and to establish better boundaries for myself. I have always been an extreme giver, and I acknowledge that I need to give to myself as well. I feel like it is necessary for me to do this because there is only so much of ME to go around on a daily basis. I’m striving for balance rather than feeling pulled in all directions.

Some efforts that I have  already put into force ~ I will be establishing a work schedule for myself and scheduling in “days off.” My radio show schedule is full for March and April, but I intend to do both shows on Wednesdays only beginning in May. Plus, I am making a concerted effort to eat healthier and stop eating chocolate. I know that it’s necessary, and I’ll feel better.

Some people feel like I am pulling back, but in reality, I am honoring myself. I don’t want to feel pulled in all different directions. I need to balance work with play. I need to balance taking time for myself just as I take time for others. I need to honor the Light within me so that it can continue to shine bright.