Everything Can Change in a Moment

I originally shared a portion of this story in my mid-December newsletter, but have refrained from blogging or sharing publicly what transpired 1 month ago today.

Friday, December 2 was definitely a day of awareness, trusting my intuition and one of gratitude. My husband, Brooks, had been experiencing chest pains while pouring concrete. He finished pouring and finishing it, then called to tell me he didn’t feel well.

I could offer all of the details of what transpired during the day, but to make a long story short, I met him at urgent care, and they took him by ambulance to the hospital where they ran tests. He had elevated heart enzymes according to the blood work, indicating he was having a heart attack, even though the EKG seemed okay. After monitoring him for a short time, options were offered with an emphasis placed on performing a heart catheterization. Feeling into the alternatives, this was the best option, and they ultimately placed 2 stents as well. Turns out he experienced an acute non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction. He was released from the hospital two days later on Sunday afternoon with instructions to rest.

The following Tuesday, I called the nurse at Oklahoma Heart Institute with his blood pressure readings as he wasn’t feeling well. They wanted us to come in instead of waiting until his scheduled appointment a week later, and it worked out very well. They upped the dosage on one of his meds. Then, gave him a prognosis. He was lucky and had a mild heart attack with minimal heart damage. Plus, seeing the doctor early helped his psyche tremendously, too! He returns for a checkup tomorrow and in the meantime has been diligently listening to his body and taking his prescribed medications along with adjusting his diet and beginning an exercise regime.

I am so grateful to God/Spirit/Universe for guiding me, so I stayed calm, cool and collected on that day, even though I had my emotional moments. I am grateful Brooks listened to my suggestion and met me at urgent care, since his plan was to make the hour drive home, take a hot bath and go to bed to sleep it off thinking he might have just pulled the muscle in his chest from troweling the concrete. I am grateful I was within 5 minutes of meeting him at urgent care. I am grateful that he agreed to go by ambulance as they recommended rather than have me drive him like he wanted. I am also grateful my guides told me which hospital to have the ambulance take him to because it had the Oklahoma Heart Institute AND was in our PPO network. I am grateful for the friends and family members who supported us/him/me during the experience. Of course, there is lots more to be grateful for, but I am especially grateful that he is still breathing the breath of life, and he has assured me he will take his meds from now on and take better care of himself!

We are all just passing through, and experiences such as this definitely remind us that life is short, and we should absolutely make the most of it. Everything can change in a moment……


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Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness.

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