Be Who YOU Are

I just returned from taking a four day mediumship development class with UK Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell. The class was held at Janet Nohavec’s Spiritualist church, The Journey Within, in Pompton Lakes, NJ. I listened and absorbed every word Tony spoke. His humor and smile make for a delightful class. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting and working with my colleagues during the exercises intended to strengthen our connection and offer us a new way to work. Not only did we learn from Tony and Spirit, but we also learned from one another. It was wonderful observing Janet and Tony deliver messages during their mediumship demonstration on Saturday night. I concluded my time in NJ by attending the Sunday service at the church. The overall experience nurtured my body, mind and spirit.

journeywithinThe primary message I took away from my time is one of honoring myself and feeling comfortable with who I am. Each one of us are spiritual beings having a human life experience. Our experience may be similar to others, yet it is ultimately unique and individualized. Tony continually reminded us how important it is that we deliver messages in the manner that resonated with us. Our personality and style as well as frame of reference (what is stored in our memory bank) will influence our mediumship.

It is essential for each one of us to follow the path that resonates with us personally as an individual regarding our life and spiritual journey. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and this includes meditation and the numerous modalities associated with well-being. Your connection to Source, Spirit, the angels, and your guides is your unique personal connection. Allow yourself to practice discernment and study or practice what feels right to you personally. Read the books you are guided to read. Take the classes you are guided to take. Follow the path that you are guided to take. It’s nice to know what others are doing, but let this human life experience be your own personal journey into consciousness. There is no “right” way or “wrong” way in spirituality – just YOUR way. We are each at different places on our life journey, and we should never compare our intended life experiences to another person’s journey.

As you shift, change, grow and evolve, allow yourself the opportunity to honor your own personal journey into consciousness. I encourage you to let your Light shine, to be comfortable in your “own skin,” to have the courage to speak your truth and ultimately, just be who YOU are. You are a beautiful, unique and miraculous creation. Just BE YOU! This is YOUR life to live…allow yourself to live it! Live your life for YOU!