Another Shell to Break

I recently visited Sedona, Arizona for the first time to take a vacation with a purpose and attend Sedona World Wisdom Days. I shared about the experience in my blog, “Even This I Got to Experience.” As I made my way to the airport that Thursday morning, I received a text from a friend with this message: “Stay positive. Trust you are right where you are supposed to be. Keep it simple. Stay present. Enjoy yourself. There is nothing to worry about.”

I wrote the words down and re-read them several times throughout the weekend. Little did I realize at the time, how powerful and poignant they would be. As I mentioned in the other blog, the weekend culminated with a songversation by India.Arie. Her acoustic performance was powerful and transformative as she shared her own challenges and blessings – the “good, the bad and the ugly.”

india arieBetween words, she expressed her story through the songs she wrote. Many times, she stated, “there was always another shell to break; another flight to take.” I listened intently to every word and felt her emotions as she conveyed her joy, pain, sadness and triumphs. The evening ended, and I returned to my room to settle in for the night and reflect on my experiences over the weekend.

Waking up Monday morning, I was guided to attend Sarah McLean’s guided meditation at the McLean Meditation Institute.  The experience was relaxing and also overwhelming as I was feeling the energies of those around me and of the space itself. I then attended Arielle Ford’s manifestation workshop. Although I set the intention to listen, I was distracted by what I was seeing, hearing and feeling from Spirit.

20150119_141105Once the workshop concluded, I had a few hours to spend before departing to Phoenix for my flight home. While eating lunch, I was overcome with emotions – literally coming down from my weekend “high.” I took a few more pictures of the red rock formations and passed by Bell Rock Inn when I heard a ping and literally, before my eyes, the windshield cracked. There wasn’t a vehicle around. I immediately thought, “Great! I didn’t take out insurance on the rental car.” My attention was diverted from feeling sad about my time in Sedona coming to an end to the pronounced crack in front of me. The Universe gave me something to cry about.

I began hearing India.Arie’s words in my head, “Another shell to break; another flight to take.” Prior to the ping and crack, I was feeling emotional as I was headed to the airport to make my flight and felt that I was cracking open – my shell was breaking. Plus, my name is Shelly and friends call me Shell. I pulled into the parking lot and texted my friend who put the situation in perspective by saying, “It’s just a windshield.”

So true! What I was experiencing internally in those moments, the Universe delightfully illustrated for me externally to witness. I spent two hours looking at the crack as I drove to the airport. By that point, my thoughts were back to the present moment. I returned the car and immediately pointed out the “souvenir” from Sedona while acknowledging that I did not purchase the insurance coverage. They had me fill out a short form and said someone would be in touch in the next day or so if they had questions. As of the writing of this blog, I have yet to be contacted. Worse case scenario – I will be paying for the windshield. Best case scenario – I will not be paying for the windshield.

This simple metaphor of the windshield cracking/shell breaking provided me an opportunity to shift my perspective in a multitude of ways. Breaking the shell and feeling the emotions regarding the circumstance yet recognizing what really mattered offered me the opportunity to move through the fear in order to fly – both figuratively and literally.

“Stay positive. Trust you are right where you are supposed to be. Keep it simple. Stay present. Enjoy yourself. There is nothing to worry about.”



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