Online Courses

I have 6 courses currently available on the Teachable platform. These are self-study courses inviting you to proceed at the pace you are comfortable with. Each course includes pdf course handouts, video lectures, audio files and meditations as well as exercises to work with as you are guided to do so. I am also offering live group sessions monthly for each course and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

The Empowering Act of Self-Love

Join Empowerment Coach and Reiki Master Shelly Wilson for this heart-opening course. Consciously making the choice to partake in self-love is an act of empowerment. Give yourself permission to discover, explore, connect with and embrace the power of your heart as you focus on your physical health and mental/emotional well-being. During this experiential course, Shelly will create an energetic space for you to release the blockages that may be holding you back from loving yourself, with the intent that you can fully open your heart to love and manifest your heart’s desire. Are you ready to begin loving yourself more?

Everything is Energy: An Energetic Awareness Course

What energetic emission are you sending out? Join Empowerment Coach Shelly Wilson for this experiential course exploring the facets of our energy field as we delve deeper into the chakras. Learn more about our energy transformers and how to keep them cleared and balanced along with suggestions to strengthen them. We will become more aware of the radio signal we are emitting with our thoughts, words and actions, so that we can create our own experiences consciously. Tips and tools to practice good energetic hygiene will be provided. In addition, we will explore the energy of food, color and love. Are you ready to join me on this energetic awareness journey?

Self-Care for Lightworkers and Empaths

Join Intuitive Medium and Reiki Master Shelly Wilson for this experiential course intended to remind us of the importance of self-care and self-love. Taking responsibility for our own well-being is essential on this spiritual journey, especially for Lightworkers and those that are Empaths and sensitive to energies. We often overlook our own physical health and mental/emotional well-being in order to assist others. Our time together will be one of connection, inspiration, empowerment and rejuvenation. Are you ready to make the conscious choice to intentionally devote more time to your well-being?

Creating the Life you Desire: A Conscious Creation Course

If it seems like you have been simply existing, functioning on auto-pilot and going through the motions of life rather than living life fully, then perhaps you are now being guided to connect more deeply with yourself. This course encourages you to fully embrace your aliveness as you navigate the waters of your human life experience. Remember, our thoughts have creative power to influence events and determine our experiences, which means we have the ability to create the life we desire. During this powerful experiential course, Empowerment Coach Shelly Wilson invites you to begin your life in a new way and tap into your inner power as you explore who you are and who you desire to be. Are you ready to begin creating consciously?

Embracing the Magic Within

Join Empowerment Coach Shelly Wilson for an inspirational and empowering course intended to remind us of the power we behold. Shelly has created this dynamic experiential course based on her book to consciously attune body, mind and spirit to the expression of our true self. At times, our earthly existence can feel mundane as we seemingly go through the motions and function on auto-pilot. Allow yourself the opportunity to activate, embody and embrace all of your magical Divine Being through a practice of connection, communication and creation. During this energetically awakening course, Shelly aims to assist us with acknowledging and integrating the magical energy within us, so that we can create and truly live a life we love – a life with passion, presence and purpose. Are you ready to embrace your magic and journey with aliveness?

Exploration of Your Psychic Self

Psychic means of the soul. Everyone has a sixth sense and is capable of developing their intuition as well as heightening and honing their psychic abilities. Many individuals long to know their purpose and will ask the existential questions – Who am I? Why I am here? What am I supposed to be doing? Asking these questions are the keys that open the doors to more! Join Intuitive Medium Shelly Wilson for this experiential course to explore the facets of who you are as well as your connection to the Spirit realm. This course is intended to offer you the opportunity to hone your intuitive skills, to assist you with communicating with your Higher Self, angels, guides and loved ones in Spirit, and build confidence in receiving and trusting the information that comes through. Are you ready to explore more and heighten your awareness?

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