Shelly R. Wilson

Consciously Creating the Life You Desire Talk at the NWACSL

IMG_0436In the spirit of Conscious Creativity (June theme), I recently had the honor of delivering the Sunday inspirational message titled, Consciously Creating the Life You Desire at the Northwest Arkansas Center for Spiritual Living in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Talk Highlights:

Sacral chakra – The Sacral chakra is orange and is correlated with creativity, inspiration and sexuality. To balance and strengthen this energy center, work with the color orange for the Sacral chakra – wear orange clothing, eat orange foods (oranges, carrots, orange pepper, cantaloupe, apricots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes) or visualize what you are eating or drinking as orange and work with orange crystals, such as carnelian, topaz and orange calcite.

Be in the Flow – Ground, center and protect your energy regularly. Consciously become present and choose to live in the present moment. Be conscious of your energetic emissions with your thoughts, words and actions.

Intention The intention underlying your actions and thoughts is energy. Any energy you expend always comes back to you, either directly or indirectly. So you want to act with that in mind. You want to act mindfully, from the heart, with love, and Right Intention. ~ Baptist de Pape from The Power of the Heart 

Are you coming from a place of love/trust or fear/worry?

When we look at life through the eyes of love and through the eyes of the heart, everything changes. The world outside may or may not change, or may not appear to our liking, but when we change how we’re perceiving it, when we move from our thoughts to the feelings of love, everything in the world around us appears different. ~ Marci Shimoff

Create Allow all of your desires, dreams, aspirations and intentions to fill your conscious mind. Bask in the emotions you are feeling at this moment. Visualize yourself receiving and achieving all that you desire. Know that you are worthy to create the reality that you desire.

Affirm ~ My heart overflows with gratitude and joy. I am conscious of being present in this moment. I recognize that I am a creator, and I am creating my reality. I am allowing myself to simply breathe. I am surrendering to the Universe anything and anyone that no longer serves me or my Higher purpose. I am releasing it now fully and completely. I choose to create my life and all of its experiences consciously.

To listen to the mp3 audio file of the inspirational message presented on Sunday, June 7, 2015, please click here: